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Welcome to our Community Page! Here is where we post pictures of recent events and items of interest for your browsing pleasure. Included below are some pictures from our summer Alive at Five concert! We had a great time spending a hot summer afternoon down by the river opening for the Bacon Brothers and playing in front of thousands at Albany's Corning Preserve amphitheatre. We were also blessed with good weather for our gig at the North Greenbush Town Park as we performed as part of their summer concert series.
Enjoy the page - more to come!

New Stray Dogs Music!
We recently volunteered to write a song for our new friends at DogHouse Adoptions, a local organization dedicated to finding homes for stray dogs. Our song, "Pick Me", is featured in a video they have created to further the cause. Click the link above for a listen.

stage band Up on the big stage at Alive at Five!

bacon bro Backstage with the Bacon Brothers.

North Greenbush Town Park
We had a great time playing at the North Greenbush Town Park. Superb weather, nice people - it doesn't get any better than this! Thanks to Al Spain for some excellent photos!

SDgazebo A summer sunset on the village green.

singing Some 3 part harmony.

New Stray Dogs T-shirt Sighting!

darleneshirt Our T-shirt juggernaut continues, extending in all directions! Thanks to Darlene for gracing our national park system with her sartorial elegance!

A Night at the Red Lion Inn
Stockbridge, Massachusetts became "Cougartown" for a real fun evening at the Lion's Den. Check out our video!

big band Dialing it up a notch. A little March Madness was in the air when the Stray Dogs featured two special guests, Alex Pyle on sizzling slide guitar, and legendary downstate conga phenom, Rocko. We hope to have them back again in the future-it was an awesome night of high energy music!

little boy Shameless exploitation of youth, or savvy marketing? - you decide! We certainly can't help how parents dress their children, although in this case we have to admire the parents of this cute little guy for their superior fashion sense. (Coincidentally, we are between drummers at the moment... wonder how many gummie bears per hour it would take to hire him?)

long sleeve shirt New Long Sleeve Shirts Available! It doesn't really matter what season you're in-you can always use a long sleeve shirt in the great northeast. We have a lot of different sizes, including women and children sizes. Sophisticated fashionistas know our basic black shirts are the stylish solution to whatever wardrobe malfunction you could ever envision. Sleeve-sneeze with impunity!

group photo Stray Dogs at the Plaza Here is a shot of the group taken on July 1st, just before we took the stage at the Summer Concert Series kickoff event. (Look closely and you may notice, the ever-resourceful Jeff Maynard had already located the beer truck.)

plaza logo

tshirt photo Stray Dogs t-shirts hit Rome! While not exactly a commercial success, the propagation of our t-shirt empire has reached "swine flu" proportions, with new t-shirt sightings spreading across the globe!
(In reality, Dave's nephew vacationed in Rome, and he probably ran out of laundry before donning his Stray Dogs t-shirt.)
If you're interested in a t-shirt, see one of us at a gig ... we've got your size!

Dave's photo It's Dave. ...Need I say more?

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